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The cause of the mysterious bug is not yet known, but it affects all breeds of dog and is understood to be more prevalent in wet weather conditions. Dog owners are being warned to be vigilant about the deadly dog disease Read More According to national vet chain, Vets4Pets, there are 13 confirmed cases currently within in a 50-mile radius of Manchester. In total, the UK and Ireland have now seen 94 confirmed cases since 2012. The figures were revealed via an online tool on website Vets4pets . By putting in your postcode, you can check whether there have been any cases nearby. A Manchester postcode check revealed all the cases in our area. The website is tracking incidences of the fatal dog disease across the country in a bid to alert pet owners, and also includes a map of the UK showing all reported cases. Just this week, veterinary specialist referral centre, Anderson Moores, confirmed another eight cases of the disease, including one in Stalybridge, Tameside , and another in Crewe in Cheshire. Now dog owners across the region are being urged to watch out for signs of the disease as early treatment can be the difference between life and death.

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